Jim Blythe

Chairman and Founder

Jim Blythe, Chairman and Founder back in 1973, still actively involved in the day to day running of the company. Often seen at the “sharp end of the action” delivering, collecting, vetting, tyre kicking all manner of plant and machinery throughout the UK! The Team behind him are currently researching suitable care homes, where they might forcibly retire him before he entirely loses the plot!


Tim Blythe

Managing Director

Tim Blythe, Managing Director, the natural succession to Jim has been here since Jay Bee Plant Sales began in 1991. Tim is the man in the driving seat and largely responsible for the growing of the company both in terms of turnover and getting the name Jay Bee Plant Sales out there to it’s world wide audience.


Nicky Blythe MAAT


Nicky Blythe, Financial Controller and Tim’s missus! Wouldn’t say boo to a goose at first, but now controls the finances of the company with an iron fist and now the geese are scared of her! Does a brilliant job keeping us bang up to date with all the boring but vital functions i.e. VAT, PAYE, supplier payments and profit forecasting… whatever that might be!


Leigh Chapman

Office Manager

Leigh Chapman, Office Manager. “What a find”. Leigh has been with us for just a couple of years but is proving to be possibly the best Office Manager and Credit Controller in the whole of the world! You just couldn’t fall out with her and she is blessed with the ability of getting blood out of a stone in such a way that even the stone is left uncomplaining!


Kris Bingham


Kris Bingham, Engineer. Another long serving member of the team and family member, being brother to Nicky and brother-in-law to Tim. Has been with us forever and is a good solid performer. Always first in and always imaginative in solving tricky problems. A key member of the team.


Jason Bird


Jason has a long connection with the construction and plant industry and we look forward to utilising these skills.